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Hi! We're Meredith & Boo.

We teach busy doctors how to manage their marketing in-house with a simple, effective marketing plan.

We have developed a step-by-step strategy that is designed to drive new patient appointments while allowing the doctor to spend their time tending to patients.

What We Do

We offer online instruction to private practice doctors who want to grow their practices and drive more new patient appointments, but don't want to outsource, or pull their hair out, or spend a fortune.

We teach practice/clinic owners and their teams step-by-step strategies that they can implement in-house. Our strategies are specifically designed to grow a private practice by attracting more new patients, nurturing existing patient relationships, and positioning the doctor{s} industry leaders.

Our highly anticipated Free Masterclass {The Secret Every Doctor Needs to Know to Finally Get Results on Instagram} is coming on January 7, 2020.

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Are you a private practice doctor? Regardless of your specialty, we will teach you how to develop your own step-by-step marketing plan. Our strategy is designed for doctors who know they need to be using Instagram because that's where their patients are -- but who want to spend their time, their hands and their money doing things other than social media.

In order to implement the strategy we teach, all you need is you {the doctor} and one other person {we call this an integrator}.

Our simple, straightforward approach teaches you {doctor} just enough to be dangerous, your integrator manage to handle the day-to-day without spending their workday posting on social media, and the two of you together to measure and monitor your results.

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