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Marketing for Doctors

Implement a Plan

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Eliminate Confusion - Connect with Patients

Grow Your Impact and Reach

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Schedule a Planning Session

Clarify your marketing objectives and message with Meredith Kallaher and Boo Zamek and create a plan that optimizes profits and reach.

Implement your Customized Strategy

Connect with your ideal patients with content that is carefully formulated just for them on communication channels identified as  ideal for your practice and community.

Be Known as the Best

 Establish a brand that accurately communicates your expertise and level of service to the people that need you and results in the impact and reach for which you have always planned.

Do You Struggle to Market your Business?

The Struggles of Marketing for Doctors

  • Have you wasted time or money on marketing that does not bring results?

  • Or maybe you don't have time to even figure out in which marketing platforms you should invest your money.

  • Have you created a GORGEOUS website/ad/social media post without any response?

  • Do you know how to measure the results of your marketing efforts?  What if they are working but you don't know how to measure the success? How do you know where to spend your marketing dollars next?

  • Does your community know the success your patients have AND the results you could provide for the world?

Work With Us

Create The Perfect Marketing Plan

Together, we will clarify your marketing goals and create a strategy using a combination of the following tools, curated just for you

  • A brand story and a brand guide consistent with that story
  • A website optimized for profit and search
  • Content that tells a story featuring your patient as his or her own HERO and you as the expert guide
  • Reviews Optimized to Grow your Patient Base
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Word of Mouth Referral Optimization
  • Earned Media
  • Featured Speaking Engagements both online and offline
  • Paid Advertising: Digital (PPC) and/or Print
  • Community Partnerships
  • Peer referrals
  • Talk Triggers
Work With Us

"Thank you, Meredith and Boo, for taking on this much-needed endeavor for healthcare providers. We have gained invaluable tips and guidance from you!"

Marcia Breiter
Sports & Lifestyle Center Miami

"I thought I had to record videos all the time to get traction on Instagram. That was so hard. Meredith & Boo’s method is much easier. "

Dr. Brandon Walley
Collierville Vision

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