Cost Effective Photo Shoot for Brand Photos

What do you need photos for?

A collection of native photos is a necessary tool for any medical practice to use for your website, social media and other marketing platforms.


Native photos are those taken and owned by you. These photos are much more impactful than stock photos because they feature you, your office, your staff your equipment, etc. They also tell yourstory, not someone else’s, and they send a personal message, not a generic one. The best way for a doctor to grow his/her new patient base is to make a personal connection. A bank of native photos is a key component of your brand arsenal.


Taking photos consists of more than asking your receptionist to walk around your office with an iPhone and start snapping pics. {Please promise us you won’t do that.} Don’t worry – a photo shoot doesn’t have to be a lengthy, complicated or costly process.


Tips for a low cost photoshoot

You can direct your own photoshoot without spending a lot of time or money.


Here’s what you need to do:


  • Secure Your Photographer
  • Create Your Shot Sheet {more on this below}
  • Look for inspiration photos on Pinterest
  • Pick your Location
  • Select your wardrobe
  • Get hair and make-up photo ready {as needed}
  • Edit the photos


Be sure to scope out your shoot location{s} before you do your shoot. This way you can plan your coloring, your clothing, even your lip gloss!


MOST IMPORTANT: create your shot sheet! We’ve done the hard part for you. Just populate the shot sheet we created as much as possible as you plan your shoot, so you’re sure to get all the photos you want and need. The last thing you want to do is have to do a second shoot because you didn’t get what you need!

Create Your Shot Sheet


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