Captivating Subject Lines to Increase Your Open Rate

Watch the video for 6 ideas from Meredith on great subject lines to use in your next email to increase your open rate. THEN keep reading for the ultimate Subject Line DO's and DON'Ts list (below video). Finally, at the bottom of the video we shared a link to a FREE worksheet to help you craft awesome subject lines for your emails.

The Do's and Don't of Email Subject Lines


Subject Line DOs:

  • Make a personal connection with your readers. 
  • Grab the reader’s attention and interest.
  • Deliver a clear, meaningful message about one topic. 
  • Grab the reader’s attention and interest.
  • Identify the subject or topic. Provide the reader with a preview of what they’ll see in the email. 
  • Be relevant and important with a pinch of urgent.
  • Be about them. What benefit are you bringing your readers? how are you solving their problem? 
  • Tell – not sell!
  • Include numbers, stats, metrics.
  • Be brief: try not to exceed 50 characters. Almost 80% of emails are read on a smartphone, so brevity is key.
  • But not too brief! Your subject should never be only one word. You can’t say anything with one word. And never leave the subject line empty.
  • Try sending subject lines with lower case letters. 
  • Include an emoji, if you’re an emoji person. {Emails with an emoji in the email subject line tend to have a higher open rate.}
  • Be consistent not only in content, but in style. Use only one font and one or two colors.


Subject Line DON’Ts:

  • Have multiple or mismatched fonts and colors.
  • Use ALL CAPS or exclamation points.
  • Include spam trigger words. If you use words like “free,” “money,” “win,” “deal,” you’ll get stuck in spam boxes!
  • Readers don’t like messages that make ‘noise without substance’ like this: “Wow! You won’t believe this offer!”
  • Words like Help, Percent Off, and Reminder — may not trigger spam filers, but seriously cut down on email open rates and readership.

We can help you write stellar subject lines.

We all get writer's block... and when you are under pressure to deliver an awesome email it can be harder to figure out what to write in your email subject line. That's why Boo and I created this awesome worksheet with FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS (that's right.. like 3rd grade!) to make it super easy for you to craft captivating messages!


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