Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Results

Start by asking yourself "How Do You Feel?"

In order to launch my YouTube channel I did a lot of studying.  I listened to podcasts, watched TedTalks and read A LOT of books.  I reviewed best practices on marketing techniques that I already utilized and learned quite a few that I wanted to try out in my own business.

There was often conflicting information.  Tyler McCall (one of my favorite Instagram teachers) would sing the praises of one Instagram strategy when  Amy Porterfield (my favorite podcaster) would say that method was not so great.

But EVERYONE agreed one one thing.. that the most important thing for an entrepreneur to master was her mindset.

And as I dug deeper.  I realized they were all basically saying the same thing.  

If I change my thoughts I will change my results

5 New Thoughts to Reach Your Big Goals For Your small Business

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Results

But which thoughts do you need to think to get the results you want?

I use a model, called "The Model,"  to help manage my brain in order to reach BIG goals in my business.

I learned it from a woman named Brooke Castillo on her podcast The Life Coach School.

My Circumstances generate Thoughts.

I choose a Thought, which causes a Feeling.

That Feeling drives my Actions.

And those Actions create my Results.

It took me a few podcast episodes and explanations on the theory of The Model to understand how to apply it to my life.  But finally it clicked (in fact I went over the theory on last week's episode)!

But when it did click I thought, OK, GOT IT....but now what?

I understand  in order to achieve the results I want in my business I need to change  my thoughts, but to which thoughts?

What should I think and how do i figure that out?

I went back to the model and  what I did understand.

My feelings drive my actions.

So I imagined which feelings I would want to FEEL to drive  actions that result in my BIG GOALS. 

I imagined I would want to feel 

Courageous, Capable and Confident

Well then, what THOUGHTS  would I need to think to feel that way? To feel like a Business Bad Ass? 

And THAT, my friend, is  what this  video is about  :) Thanks for sticking with me on that walk through...

We are all small business owners.  Maybe you need to adopt the same thoughts in your mind?

And now your must BELIEVE (but sometimes it's not so easy!)

I love life coaching podcasts and self help books! :)

But sometimes the most magnificent motivational speaker could be shouting from the rooftops and as much as I respect him, I don't believe a word of it applies to me.   

But belief makes the magic happen!

Truth: you might have to change a thought if you just can not convince yourself to believe it, BUT, before you do that, checK out these strategies that I have used to help me BELIEVE HARD!. 


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