How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile in 2020

All Doctors Should have a LinkedIn Profile Page


Think of your public profile on LinkedIn as your online business card. Potential patients will find you here. Doctors who might want to work with you will find you on LinkedIn. And so will potential employers or employees. They're all going to check you out on LinkedIn before they decide to work with you.


Great LinkedIN Profiles are Optimized

in these 6 Places on the APP

1. Profile Photo

You do not have to use a professional headshot, you can do this yourself. Take a recent headshot in clothes that you would wear with your customer or patient.

Now, doctors, if you usually wear scrubs, I don't think I'd wear scrubs in your LinkedIn profile picture, but wear clothes that you would wear if you were visiting with a patient, and you didn't need scrubs, right? So it's probably not a suit. In fact, I've never met a doctor when they were meeting my needs, and they were wearing a suit. Wear something that would make your patients comfortable.

You can take this yourself. Get in great indirect sunlight. You know, turn on the selfie camera and set that three second timer on your camera, and just click, click, click, until you find a photo that you like. You can do this, I promise.

2. Background Photo

. You guys, this is a game changer for your LinkedIn profile. Most people have this, this weird galaxy image behind them.

Customized Background Image

Doesn't Boo's LinkedIn profile look great? She has a great profile photo and a custom background photo.

Adding a background image to your LinkedIn profile will set you apart from other LinkedIN. 

Create your own unique, branded background image with the dimensions 1584 x 396 pixels in a photo editing software (Boo likes Photoshop and I prefer Canva).

Download a Background Image we Created (for free)

OR download an image we made for you below. 

Download the image to your hard drive and then upload to your LinkedIn profile following the directions outlined in this video.

We gave you options of medically themed or two different landscapes, which are all better options than the standard LinkedIn blue glalaxy.

Download Now

Submit Your Email to View 5 Custom LinkedIN Background Images we created for you.  We have a beach "scene", a mountain "scene" a stack of books and 2 medical related images.
Download Here

3. The Headline

So many people don't take advantage of the headline, but it's really important. When people are deciding if they want to connect with you or not, any maybe you reach out to them and invite them to connect with you, your headline goes with you. Follows you wherever you go.

So I want you to take advantage and really use it to tell people what you do, and how they can work with you. Don't worry, I've got an easy formula for you to insert in this headline field. I want your headline to read:

Services you offer + who you serve + your URL.

For instance, if you are a dermatologist that serves women in Coral Gables, Florida, then your headline could read the latest proven antiaging formulas for Coral Gables' women at the You see? That's a great headline.

Or, if you're a pediatrician in Pinecrest, you could say pediatric services for children of all ages in Pinecrest, Florida, at, boom!

4. Current Position

Your current place of employment + job description.

5. Call-to-acton links.

I've got a little trick. When you go to edit the contact section of your LinkedIn profile, select "Other." , it lets you name where you're taking people.

So, you see here that I have invited people to work with Boo and I on our website as they work with us, and I give my company URL, and then I added a few more. I selected Other again, as what type of website it is, and I invited people to go watch me here on YouTube. I said put the YouTube URL in, and then I wrote a call-to-action. And finally, because I love Instagram, I invited people to connect with me in Instagram too. So, the fifth place I want you to optimize on LinkedIn is the contact section.

6. Profile Summary

.This is where I want you to tell people how they can work with you, and the services that you provide. Update this often with new protocols that you offer in your offers, or new pricing. Really use the summary to entice people to work with you, and to tell them why they should pick you over another dermatologist, or ophthalmologist, wellness professional in your service area.

We all need to be on LinkedIn so we might as well take a few minutes, optimize LinkedIn, and make that profile work for us.

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