Use Instagram Stories to Engage Your Audience

Instagram stories is a tool on Instagram that allows you to tell a story to your potential customers. In fact it is THE BEST tool to tell your customer a story on social media today.

If you are using Instagram for your business then you definitely should be creating stories on the daily. Don't get scared- it's not hard and it can be fun! Let's dive in.

How To Create Your First Instagram Story

Want to learn how to create Instagram Stories? This video will start at the beginning and teach you how to use Instagram stories and create your very first Instagram Story for your followers.

I believe Instagram Stories is the best social media tool to turn your followers into customers, so definitely think it is worth taking the time to teach yourself this great tool.

According to CNBC ( over 400 million users are on Instagram Stories everyday. I bet that at least a few of those users could be your potential customers.

Take the next 17 minutes to teach yourself how to use this fantastic story telling tool and you will start connecting with your followers in a new way.

Remember no one was born with any social media knowledge. Everyone that you see using it had to learn how and I promise you can too!

Now let's Make Your Story Even Better

Tips to Create a Great Instagram Story

Create a Great Instagram Story without using any other outside apps. Let me show you how to build an Instagram Story and turns your followers into customers INSIDE the Instagram app.

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Word of Mouth marketing is the best tool for doctors and health professionals to market their business. Are you strategizing for more word of mouth marketing?


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