I Agreed to be Interviewed on Instagram Live, Now What?

Doctors are giving Interviews

It has come to our attention during the COVID-19 pandemic practice of social distancing a lot of doctors in our community are being asked for their opinion, or to share their knowledge.

Many people are using Instagram Live to interview these doctors, especially because we're not supposed to be close to each other, right?

So I wanted to go over what you should do if you're invited to be interviewed on an Instagram Live, both before the interview, during the interview, and afterwards.

The first thing you need to do before an interview is set up an Instagram account.

Now, you could certainly use somebody else's account, but why not take the opportunity to create a business profile if you don't have one? Learn how to create your Instagram business profile here.

Pre-Instagram Live Convo with the Host

Then, before the interview, I want you to have a conversation with your host, either via email or on the phone. Make sure you go over four questions with him or her.

The first one is, ask her if she's going to prepare questions ahead of time. And if so, could she please share them with you?

. Next, ask her if she's going to open up the interview to questions from the audience. And if so, ask her what type of questions her audience likes to ask her guests. She might not know the answer. She might not have done many interviews before, but if she does have an answer to this question, it will give you great insight.

Third, clarify how the host wants you to join the interview.

The fourth thing I want you to ask the host to do is save the video and give you a copy of it afterwards.

Promote Your Instagram Live Before the Interview Date

The last thing that I want you to do before the day of the interview is to promote the interview wherever you have patients or a community, right? You can promote it on your Instagram account. You could just share a post from the host's account. You could promote it on Facebook. You could email out the information of when the interview's going to take place. And if you don't use any form of online advertising to your community, you can also put something on your bulletin board in your office or by the checkout at your front desk.

The more people that you can bring from your community to this interview, the more the host of the interview will love you. And that's a good thing, because she might start inviting you back, which is great marketing for your business and she also might tell her friends, "Hey, Dr. Floyd, or Dr. Smith was a great guest "on my Instagram channel." This is just easy, free advertising for you.

The Day of Your Instagram Live


So it's the day of the interview, what do you need to do to make this happen? The most important thing is to be in a quiet, well-lit space with great audio. Ideally, you would go into an office where no one else is, that's as small as possible, because the audio will be better in a small room, and you want to face a window, okay? So during the day, when you've got indirect, natural light. If you are doing this at night, or you're in an interior room, then just get as much light on yourself as possible.


The set up of your camera. You have to record Instagram Live with your phone. The computer version of Instagram does not allow recordings of Instagram Lives, so you've got to do this from your phone. Do not hold your phone. I promise you, even if you think you can hold it steady, it will move a little, okay? So you want to prop it up, you know, if you've got a window sill, that would be great,


Audio, you really don't want the camera to be up your nose, right? When you're recording an IGTV Live, but if you get too far away from it then the microphone won't pick you up that well, but you could, worst case, use your Apple, or if you have an Android earphones with a microphone, often that microphone is better than if you're just using the microphone on the phone itself or you could invest in a small microphone. You could get one for about $30 from Amazon that you can plug into your phone that really does enhance the audio quality. Your host will love you for this.

Snap a Photo

So you've joined the interview like we talked about earlier, it went awesome. Remember, the host is going to save it for you, so you might promote it. Before you get up from your seat of recording this IGTV Live, I would suggest snapping a few selfies of yourself or have someone in your office click a bunch of photos of you, so you can pick one, you just need one, for the cover photo of your video that you're going to share with other people, right (we will address this below)

Post Interview

So after the video's over, the Instagram Live will be on your host's story dot for 24 hours. So on your stories, if you have an active Instagram account, then you could promote the Live. Hey, guys, go watch my interview on Meredith Kallaher's Instagram account, right? You can promote on stories for 24 hours. But also, remember how we asked the hostess to save a video for you? You can post this video to your IGTV and IGTV allows you to do a cover photo, that's why I told you to take a selfie. You could share this on Facebook. You could share it on YouTube and then share the YouTube link either in an email to your patients, or even on your website if you'd like. There's so many great things you can do with that saved interview that is really going to be great for your practice and it's going to help a lot of people.

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