We're Meredith Kallaher and Boo Zamek.

We are two longtime Miami-based entrepreneurs.

We joined forces in May 2019 because we identified a problem that needed to be solved, and realized that together, we had a solution.

We have both spent many years working closely with local businesses, including medical practices and clinics.

We were both publishers and Meredith is a social media expert, while Boo is an email marketing expert.

We found that what our peers and clients wanted from us, even more than ads in our respective publications, was knowledge.

They wanted help and guidance on how to create and manage their ENTIRE marketing plan

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We Surveyed Our Audience of Local Business Owners

And doctors spoke the loudest.

Doctors were asking for guidance on marketing that accurately reflects their experience and expertise and positions them as the BEST in their field

So we created a secret sauce that is specifically targeted to help medical practices and clinics grow and prosper.

Our secret sauce is a simple recipe with only one ingredient: STRATEGY.

I'm Meredith Kallaher

I moved to Miami in 2012 with my husband and three young children. Soon after I purchased The Scout Guide Miami, a publication franchise guided by the principle that everything you need to live a well-curated life can be found within your own community. I created and published four annual editions from 2015 to 2019.

While building my own business, and working with and evaluating hundreds of others, I learned as much about marketing and social media as I did about publishing. So I made it my mission to learn what works, what doesn't, and pass the knowledge on.


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I'm Boo Zamek

I am a Miami native, mother of two girls, wife of one since 2001, servant to three pets, friend to those who’ll have me, and entrepreneur.

In 2006 I started my first business, a popular Miami area community bulletin e-newsletter called JustAskBoo {JAB}. What started out as a simple email blast grew into a customized, multi-use digital media company with multiple data and publishing platforms, including a spin-off company which launched in 2017 called Just Ask Domestic Help, which offered a tech interface for families and domestic helpers to connect. I designed JAB as a user friendly interface and go-to resource for Miami area parents and business owners to exchange info about private schools, community events, local business resources, and more.

Every Friday for 13 years, with the help of a small team, I published the JAB community bulletin to 15,000 Miami area email subscribers.


As the world of digital media and email marketing changed and evolved, our only choice was to change along with it. This resulted in more knowledge about email marketing than I ever expected to have! And now I'm ready to share it with you.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I worked for seven years as a vice president with Kreps De Maria Public Relations. I spent the early years of my career in the marketing and advertising industry starting with Visa International, and later at Northern Trust Bank.

I graduated from Texas Christian University in 1994 with a BA in Spanish. I have always been an active philanthropist, and have served on the board of Miami Bridge, Miami’s only homeless shelter for youth, since 2009.

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