Marketing for Doctors Using Google Analytics

Why should google analytics be used in healthcare marketing?

Google Analytics enables you to track and analyze all of the traffic that comes into your website. Once you have that data, you can look and see what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong.

Once you know what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong, well then you can go back and make adjustments as needed to the things that you need to change, and you can also build on the things that you're doing right

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Marketing for Doctors: Measure Your Results with Google Analytics

What will a doctor learn from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics gives us all kinds of information about our digital marketing, but I don't think that you need to drown yourself in it. I think you just need these four basic things, at least for now.

Okay, the first thing is Google Analytics will show you how many people have come to your website and how much traffic it's getting, which are not necessarily the exact same thing.

The second thing it'll tell you is who those people are, where do they live, where are they?

The third thing it will tell you is how they got to you, how they got to your website, where they came to you from.

And the fourth thing that you're going to learn is their behavior on your website, what are they actually doing while they're on your website.

Marketing for Doctors Google Analytics: Home tab

The home tab gives you a snapshot of your data and search engine optimization.

Marketing for Doctors Google Analytics: Reports

So the rest of the stuff that we're going to do today is all going to be under the reports heading. Let's start with realtime. There's not really too much that you need to know about realtime right now, but if you click overview, you will see what's going on on your website right now. So you'll see how many people are on your website and what they're doing on the site. But that's not as important as the other information that we're going to gather from Google Analytics in terms of measuring your results and your success in order to move forward.

Marketing for Doctors Google Analytics: Audience Tab

The audience tab is very important. Click on audience, and then click overview. One cool thing that you can do here on the audience tab is you can select a date range. So here you'll see that I have February 4th through February 10th selected, but what's super cool is that you can also click compare to, and you can enter, for example, February 10, 2019 and February 10, 2020, and it will compare those two dates or two different ranges. And that is really valuable information for measuring the activity and the progress of your website from last month versus this month or last year versus this year. That's a great way to see how you're progressing.

Marketing for Doctors Google Analytics: Demographics

Now let's talk about who your site visitors are. We're going to do that by clicking demographics, and then click overview. You're going to see gender and age. So you can learn that your website visitors are men ages 25 to 50 or women ages 18 to 30 or whatever it is, that is super, super helpful. Whether or not that's the audience that you want, that shows you who your audience is so that you can either build on that or make adjustments as needed.

Marketing for Doctors Google Analytics: Where did they come from?

Now the next thing that we're going to look at is where these people came from. All these people coming to your website, let's track them and find out how they came to you. We're going to do that in the next tab down, by clicking acquisition.

Now, look at overview, and you're going to see a pie chart there that shows you pretty much where everybody came from.

But the coolest thing ever, if you click all traffic below that, and you click source medium, check this out. Scroll just a little bit, and it shows you all this very, very specific data, showing exactly who came to you and exactly, specifically where they came from. That information is very, very valuable.

Marketing for Doctors Google Analytics: Behavior

I want you to click on the behavior tab underneath the acquisition tab. Next, click overview. This is going to show you which pages are visited most and how long people have stayed on your site.

Bounce rate means that they came to our site and left. Either they saw what they needed, that's all they needed to know for right now, or they came to your website and did not find what they were looking for and they left, they bounced, just like when your kids say, "I'm going to bounce." or "I'm going to dip."

Page Views: Now here you see page views and unique page views. Those are two different things because page views means the total number of pages cumulatively that was viewed on your site, but unique page views means the number of people. So I might go to a website two or three times in a week and look around on different pages. Each one of those counts as a page view, but I'm only unique the first time.

Have you tried google analytics before? If so what is your favorite result to track your marketing plan.

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